Summary for UK

UK Superfast and Fibre Coverage

helper -- Fibre --Superfast (>24 Mbps) --UK 90% Target --Ultrafast (>100 Mbps)
Superfast UK (>24 Mbps): 93.10%
Superfast EU (>30 Mbps): 92.52%
Openreach (>30 Mbps): 90.69%
Ultrafast (>100 Mbps): 52.75%
Openreach/KC FTTP (Native): 1.59%
Below 2 Mbps (USC): 0.80%
Below 10 Mbps (USO): 3.22%
Below 15 Mbps: 4.80%
Virgin Media Cable: 50.72%
FTTP or FTTH 2.56%

UK Speed Test Results (Mbps)

ADSL, ADSL2+, FTTC, fibre, cable, mobile and wireless speeds helper

Modelled UK Mean Download Speed:

This figure is based on the average observed speeds for the various broadband technologies (excluding tests on tablets and mobiles) and the market shares for these technologies from financial reports is applied to arrive at a UK average and is based on UK broadband take-up of 22.5m connections out of 29 million premises.

25.6 Mbps
Estimated Maximum Mean Download Speed:

This figure is based around everyone buying the fastest product available to them based on current availability. Distance limitations of ADSL2+ and VDSL2 are factored into the calculation.

184.6 Mbps

National Superfast Picture

Over 30 Mbps EU definition

Generated: 24-06-2017

UK 92.5%
England 93.4%
Northern Ireland 80.6%
Scotland 89.4%
Wales 90.2%

Over 24 Mbps UK definition

Generated: 24-06-2017

UK 93.1%
England 93.9%
Northern Ireland 82.2%
Scotland 90.2%
Wales 91.2%