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thinkbroadband data for SY10 8HN

Speed Test

In the postcode SY10 8HN in the last 12 months

Download: 13.7 Mbps
Upload: 0.8 Mbps

Within 500m radius of the postcode SY10 8HN in the last 12 months

Download: 16.5 Mbps
Upload: 0.9 Mbps

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icon-exchange KNOCKIN UAX/1 WNKNO (Market A)

SY10 8HN Availability

icon-ftth FTTH/FTTP
icon-ultrafast Ultrafast Broadband (>=100 Mbps)
icon-superfast-fibre Superfast Fibre (>24 Mbps)
icon-fibre Fibre (eg FTTC/VDSL2/FTTH/Cable/G.Fast)
icon-wireless Wireless
icon-llu LLU
icon-adslplus ADSL2+
icon-adsl ADSL

Notes On Connection Options

  • Fibre (FTTC) is possibly available and speeds will likely be above 30 Mbps.

  • BT Wholesale ADSL2+ based services are available from your exchange.

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Ofcom data for SY10 8HN

Connection Speed

In the postcode SY10 8HN in the summer of 2016

Minimum 5.1 Mbps
Median 23.7 Mbps
Mean 28.3 Mbps
Maximum 80 Mbps
Minimum 0.4 Mbps
Median 1.3 Mbps
Mean 3.6 Mbps
Maximum 19.8 Mbps

Based on connection speed data (sync speed) from providers.

SY10 8HN Availability (April/May 2016)

icon-ultrafast 300 Mbps and Faster
icon-superfast-fibre Superfast Broadband 100%
icon-fibre NGA
(eg FTTC/VDSL2/FTTH/Cable)

Connection Information

Number of connections in postcode that receive speeds

Average Data Usage 100 GB/month
Less than 2 Mbps 0
Between 2 and 5 Mbps 0
Between 5 and 10 Mbps 3
Between 10 and 30 Mbps 0
Greater than 30 Mbps 3
Greater than 300 Mbps 0
This is based on what people are buying, not the fastest available service, often referred to as take-up or penetration.

This Ofcom data is NOT used by thinkbroadband when generating coverage or speed statistics. The data in this panel is taken from the Ofcom Connection Nations Report 2016, published December 2016.

North Shropshire Constituency

North Shropshire Superfast and Fibre Coverage

helper -- Fibre --Superfast (>30 Mbps) --Ultrafast (>100 Mbps)
Superfast UK (>24 Mbps): 81.55%
Superfast EU (>30 Mbps): 80.29%
Openreach (>30 Mbps): 80.29%
Ultrafast (>100 Mbps): 1.96%
Openreach FTTP (Native): 1.96%
Below 2 Mbps (USC): 3.80%
Below 10 Mbps (USO): 11.39%
Below 15 Mbps: 15.34%
Virgin Media Cable: 0.00%
FTTP or FTTH 1.96%

North Shropshire Speed Test Results (Mbps)

ADSL, ADSL2+, FTTC, fibre, cable, mobile and wireless speeds helper

Estimated Takeup:

Estimated Maximum Mean Download Speed:

This figure is based around everyone buying the fastest Virgin Media, KC or Openreach product available to them, based on current product availability. Distance limitations of ADSL2+ and VDSL2 are factored into the calculation.

43.3 Mbps

National Superfast Picture

Over 30 Mbps EU definition

Generated: 19-08-2017

UK 93.0%
England 93.8%
Northern Ireland 81.6%
Scotland 90.4%
Wales 91.0%

Over 24 Mbps UK definition

Generated: 19-08-2017

UK 93.5%
England 94.2%
Northern Ireland 82.9%
Scotland 90.9%
Wales 91.8%