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We are using the 2024 Parliamentary constiteuncy boundaries. This means there is at present no historical data prior to May 2024 where the boundary has changed.

Summary for Unknown

Unknown Superfast and Fibre Coverage

helper -- Fibre --Superfast --Ultrafast (>100 Mbps) -Full Fibre -Gigabit
Superfast (>24 Mbps): 0.00%
Superfast (>=30 Mbps): 0.00%
Gigabit (DOCSIS 3.1 or FTTP): 0.00%
Full Fibre (FTTP or FTTH): 0.00%
Alt Net FTTP:
FTTP excluding Openreach, KCOM and Virgin Media RFOG
Openreach FTTP: 0.00%
'Fibre' partial/full at any speed:
Below 2 Mbps down: 0.00%
Below 10 Mbps down:
(Legal USO)
Below 10 Mbps, 1.2 Mbps up:
Below 15 Mbps:
(High Speed Broadband)
Ultrafast (>100 Mbps): 0.00%
Virgin Media Cable: 0.00%
Openreach (>30 Mbps): 0.00%
Openreach 0.00%

Coverage percentages include both residential and business premises and is based around postcode level data. The speed available are determined by a model that reconstructs the Openreach exchange/cabinet based network, and takes into account the distance limitations of ADSL2+ and VDSL2/ (FTTC) services.

The use of an independant model constructed and continually updated as the network roll-outs continue is different to the methodology used by Ofcom which is reliant on data provided by broadband providers. By running our model we are able to provide a verification for the Ofcom data and are not reliant on quarterly data releases but can update data on a daily or weekly basis as needed. The largest factor for any differences with the Ofcom analysis is down to the timing of publication.

Unknown Speed Test Results (Mbps)

ADSL, ADSL2+, FTTC, fibre, cable, mobile and wireless speeds helper

Technology Split:

National Superfast Picture

Superfast 30 Mbps and faster

Generated: Saturday 15th June 2024

UK 98.0%
England 98.2%
Northern Ireland 98.3%
Scotland 96.3%
Wales 97.3%

Full Fibre - Fibre to the Premises

Generated: Saturday 15th June 2024

UK 67.2%
England 66.9%
Northern Ireland 95.1%
Scotland 61.0%
Wales 66.8%

The generated date is when coverage was at the figures quoted. There is a small amount of lag between broadband infrastructure providers making services available and appearing in the statistics. For VDSL2/FTTC services this is around 2 to 4 weeks, and for FTTP (full fibre) a further couple of weeks should be allowed. If you have a service available and our searches do not indicate it is do feel free to report an addition.

We aim to update the coverage percentages weekly, with the underlying service availability for postcode searches changing several times in a week.

The Governments 95% superfast target is based on the over 24 Mbps definition for superfast services.