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Summary for East Riding of Yorkshire

East Riding of Yorkshire Superfast and Fibre Coverage

helper -- Fibre --Superfast (>30 Mbps) --Ultrafast (>100 Mbps)
Superfast UK (>24 Mbps): 85.52%
Superfast EU (>30 Mbps): 84.92%
Openreach/KC (>30 Mbps): 84.92%
Ultrafast (>100 Mbps): 34.30%
Openreach/KC FTTP (Native): 34.30%
Below 2 Mbps (USC): 1.73%
Below 10 Mbps (USO): 7.93%
Below 15 Mbps: 10.45%
Virgin Media Cable: 0.00%
FTTP or FTTH 34.30%

East Riding of Yorkshire Speed Test Results (Mbps)

ADSL, ADSL2+, FTTC, fibre, cable, mobile and wireless speeds helper

Estimated Maximum Mean Download Speed:

This figure is based around everyone buying the fastest Virgin Media, KC or Openreach product available to them, based on current product availability. Distance limitations of ADSL2+ and VDSL2 are factored into the calculation.

128.6 Mbps

National Superfast Picture

Over 30 Mbps EU definition

Generated: 23-05-2017

UK 92.4%
England 93.1%
Northern Ireland 79.9%
Scotland 89.0%
Wales 89.9%

Over 24 Mbps UK definition

Generated: 23-05-2017

UK 93.0%
England 93.7%
Northern Ireland 81.6%
Scotland 89.7%
Wales 90.9%